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O'Caml Software/Libraries

As a result of the merger between Objective Caml and Objective Label, we can now provide various software and libraries for the Objective Caml platform.
An interface to GTK+, for Objective Caml 3.
An interface to OpenGL, for Objective Caml 3.
Class library
A simple class library for Objective Caml 3.
Included in the Objective Caml distribution since release 2.99.
Ocaml-mode 3.05
An emacs mode to edit and indent O'Caml code. Included in Objective Caml source distribution, but not always in binary distributions. The above is in tar.gz format, on windows you can also try this zip archive
Here is a screenshot (1152x900 GIF, 50Kbytes, also half-size, 50Kbytes) of the whole developping environment running, including various windows of O'CamlBrowser. (Window manager is Mlvwm)

If you were previously using O'Caml 2.99 or O'Labl, you may also have a look at the O'Caml 3.00 compatibility page.

JG 2001.03.27.