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The Objective Label Trilogy

NEWS 2002.08.02 With the release of Objective Caml 3.05, this page is now completely obsolete, and is only here for history. All features of Objective Label are now included in Objective Caml. You can see this page for Objective Caml software making use of these features.

NEWS 2000.04.26 Most of the features and tools of Objective Label are now included in Objective Caml 3.00.
See the Objective Caml software page.
For how to upgrade from O'Caml 2.99 or O'Labl, see the O'Caml 3.00 compatibility page.

Objective Label is the label-selective extension of Objective Caml, following the guidelines in A label-selective lambda-calculus with optional arguments and its compilation method. It has also polymorphic variants, as described in Programming with polymorphic variants, and polymorphic methods, as formalized in Extending ML with semi-explicit higher order polymorphism.

You can read a short introduction to O'Labl.

Here is a screenshot (1152x900 GIF, 50Kbytes, also half-size, 50Kbytes) of the whole developping environment running, including various windows of LablBrowser. (Window manager is Mlvwm)

The distribution contains a patch to build Objective Label 2.04 from Objective Caml 2.04, the sources of LablTk41, and LablBrowser, a source and compiled interface browser allowing to search the library by path, name and type, or shorter, a programming environment. Everything was checked to work on Digital Unix 4.0A, SPARC/SunOS4.1.4, SPARC/Solaris2.6, i386/FreeBSD2.2.8, i386/Solaris2.5.1, SGI/IRIX6.3 and LUNA/DGUX(SVR4.3).

LablBrowser may also be compiled to use the O'Caml interface format, using OCamlBrowser.

O'Labl distribution
The full distribution of the trilogy, version 2.04 (530 Kbytes)
Do not take any other file with this: everything is already included!
Old version 1.06 available as a Linux RPM, i386 binaries(1967 Kbytes).
Announce of release 2.00
The LablGL interface to OpenGL and Mesa, version 0.92 (193 Kbytes).
See the home page.
An object-oriented interface to gtk. Under development. (368 Kbytes)
See the home page.

Other files (included in olabl-2.04.tar.gz).
The actual directory
Objective Label Manual
Installation and user manual, (44 Kbytes).
Also in Computer Modern DVI (26 Kbytes) and A4 palatino postscript (67 Kbytes)
An emacs mode to edit and indent O'Caml and O'Labl programs. (28 Kbytes)
O'Caml distribution
The O'Caml distribution (necessary to make O'Labl) is available at Look for ocaml-2.04.tar.gz.

Jacques Garrigue & Jun P. Furuse, 2002.08.02.