TEle CO-Authoring System through P2P



What is TECOAS

TECOAS is an application to interactively browse and discuss a document. It is intended to help co-authoring of papers with remote partners, but is also adapted to small seminars (with all participants in the same room), or for online discussions (organizing the discussion around a document). It is based on the P2P communication framework developped by the SOBA Project.
TECOAS provides the following functionality.

About TECOAS Project

TECOAS has been developped by KABA members. But it is an open-source project, and you are free to participate if you are interested in improving it.

Past and present project members are: Jacques Garrigue(*), Yoshio Hayashi, Akira Itou(*), Koji Kagawa, Yoshihiko Kakutani(*), Keisuke Nakano, Susumu Nishimura. Members marked by (*) have contributed most of the code.


TECOAS is a free software, released under the GPL(the GNU General Public License).


The following files are available for download


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